What is Electron Spin? - Electron Spin Theory

What is Electron Spin? – Electron Spin Theory


What is Electron Spin

What is Electron Spin: Since 1890’s electrons have ruled the science world with their remarkable applications one after another in communication, computers, and media and so on.

What is Electron Spin? – Electron Spin Theory

Recently, a group of scientists based in London and Vancouver conducted research to explore the possibility of using the electron spin in the other fields. They were able to develop a low cost, versatile organic semiconductor material that is able to conserve a state of electron spin for a longer period time. The study was reported in journal nature. How to generate SBI ATM Pin through SMS?

Electron spin resonance

Electron spin was discovered while investigating why emission spectra alkali metals split into two closely separated frequencies when a magnetic field was switched on. Electrons create transient or magnetic fields. They have a great number of applications of electricity in modern times. But these applications, including electronics, including electronics are based on the linear movement of electrons. The fact that electrons have spin is not exploited.

What is Electron Spin? - Electron Spin Theory

The effect of electron spin has been used to great advantage in ‘read heads’ of modern computer hard drives. The head consists of a GMR (Giant Magneto Resistance) device that is exposed to the fast-moving hard drive surface.

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Electron spin has a great potential in information processing as well. The existing ferromagnetic devices function as filters but they cannot amplify or strengthen a signal. Transfer of spin information across transition may bring in new technologies, including the use of optical interfaces, which may overcome the size limitation that electronics is now grappling with. The states a system can be in when the system is measured can be represented by vectors in a particular abstract mathematical space.

S_z = m_s \hbar

B_{av} = \frac{8\mu_0 N I}{\sqrt{125}R}

What is Electron Spin? - Electron Spin Theory electron spin resonance

For example: The spin can measure up and down in 90 digress (abstract space)

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In abstract space, all possible results of a particular measurement are vectors at right angles to each other.

Oversimplified definition:

Spin is a fundamental property of particles, e.g. electrons, photons.

It comes about due to the special relativistic behavior of quantum mechanical entities.

What is Electron Spin? - Electron Spin Theory


Spin is the inherent angular momentum of particle. Usually, objects have angular momentum due to rotational motion, or some other form of angular motion. Angular momentum related to rotational motion of an object. But particles with spin already have an inherent angular momentum, as if they are spinning! How to open Aadhar card password?

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Electron Spin – Electron Spin Theory:Treat spin just like any other kind of angular momentum.

Electron has spin angular momentum which we measure in a particular direction, egg.

1. Spin aligned with measured direction.

2. Spin anti-aligned with measured direction.


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