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Plagiarism Checker: The Tool You Can Depend On

Plagiarism is an inescapable offense in today’s era. Thanks to the best plagiarism checker tools we have in the market today that help us in getting rid of it. However, knowing the potential consequences of plagiarism, people still consider it as a petty offense. But with all the powerful plagiarism checkers, an author can protect the rights of his work conveniently.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of using or stealing someone else’s content and publishing it as their own. It is important to note that plagiarism is not bound by intention as it may be committed both purposely or unknowingly. There are different types of plagiarism that people commit. Let’s take a look at each type.

Direct Plagiarism: This is an act of copying exact words of another individual’s work without taking consent from the original writer. This occurs when students copy and paste texts from published content in their assignments without citing the source.

Incremental plagiarism: This is an act of copying bits and pieces of texts from different sources and merging it into a write-up without attribution. The incremental form of plagiarism is an attempt to disguise as another author’s ideas, and thoughts are being taken without giving sufficient credit.

Patchwriting: Rearranging the words in a sentence or rephrasing it, while the original words remain is known as patchwriting. How does it happen? The writer replaces words with synonyms and mixes up using his own wording. A powerful plagiarism checker will be able to detect such paraphrasing.

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Self-plagiarism: Reusing or refurbishing your own work comes under the category of self-plagiarism. Now, this may be intentional or unintentional. Some marketers who have to produce tons of content on the same topic tend to use repetitive sentences unknowingly. Hence, if you go with the best plagiarism checker, you will come across a feature that allows you to cross-check data against your previously written work.

How to avoid duplicate content?   

Avoiding plagiarism can be a daunting task. How about you create content from scratch in your own words, would that help? The internet is flooded with all sorts of information and data, and there is a high probability that your thoughts may end up matching with someone else’s already published work. So, if you recall, we did discuss above how plagiarism can be committed unintentionally. Yes, this is what we actually meant. Then how do we eradicate plagiarism? An online plagiarism tool is what is required, and by this, we mean the best plagiarism checker in the market.

Features of the best plagiarism checker

You will find tons of tools in the market, but what defines the best plagiarism checker? Some features are found only in a few powerful tools.

Paraphrase detection: Plagiarists have adopted a smart approach of paraphrasing sentences instead of copying the entire text. A plagiarism tool should be powerful enough to detect even the paraphrased texts in their work.

Detection of improper citations: Students who usually use references in their assignments may not incorporate the correct citation. A plagiarism checker will allow you to cross-check your citations and make corrections if found any. Some universities only allow a certain percentage of references, and here, the tool gets you covered. The result is shown as a percentage of plagiarized and original content, and hence you can alter your text accordingly.

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Multilingual detection: Advanced plagiarism checkers operate in several different languages. So, if you have content written in a language other than English, you will certainly come across great tools offering this feature.

Instant Results: With the fast-paced world we live in, we have no time for software installations or results via email. We demand instant results. Fortunately, the best plagiarism checker comes with this amazing feature, as it helps you preview results instantly.

Best plagiarism checker in the market

To get started with your writing process, you need to have specific tools by your side. Out of all the tools, a plagiarism checker is the most important one. We have compiled some of the best plagiarism checker tools to help you find duplicate content.

  • Plagiarism software

The is the best tool you can have your hands on. This is a paid tool that starts with an affordable packages. This powerful tool helps you detect all sorts of plagiarism by flagging the text that matches content from the internet.

This tool is for all kinds of writers from those who have complete confidence in their writing ability to those who have just begun penning down thoughts into words. No matter what your writing level is, plagiarism software will thoroughly scan your work and produce instant results.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly’s robust duplicate content detector is the best plagiarism checker on the internet. The tool’s premium package includes both plagiarism checking and proofreading and starts with $30 per month—a favourite tool amongst bloggers and marketers.

  • Copyleaks

Copyleaks is an easy to understand tool that offers excellent scanning results. It offers different plans for both students and marketers, allowing them to choose the tool according to their professions.

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Get rid of plagiarism!

Why get in trouble when you have all the amazing plagiarism detectors to use and verify your content? Before publishing your content, it is best to pass it through a powerful tool with years of credibility as you cannot afford to commit an offense that can lead you to severe consequences.

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