Online Counselling to Help Overcome Emotional Dependenc

Online Counselling to Help Overcome Emotional Dependenc

There are various types of human emotions that impact the way one thinks and reacts. Depending on the dominant emotion in a person, one may react differently in various situations. For instance, the same situation may make somebody happy while it may make someone else sad.

Emotions are classified into happiness, sadness, fear, and anger. They play a vital role in understanding a situation and taking the next action. Going for online counselling is a great and convenient way to comprehend one’s emotions better.

There are times when a person is unable to acknowledge and accept their emotions completely. They typically try to seek consent from others. This is a situation of emotional dependency, where you feel dependent on others to feel better about yourself.

Below are the few indicators of emotional dependency:

  • Finding comfort in being close to others.
  • A sense of self-doubt and difficulties in experiencing self-contentment.
  • Feeling incomplete without loved ones and continuous anxiety of losing them.
  • Blaming oneself for not being able to take proper care of others and living in guilt.
  • Feeling nervous and restless regularly.
  • Living in physical and emotional misery to keep a relationship going.

Experiencing such strong sentiments affects various aspects of life, as illustrated below: 

  • Wanting to have constant assurances from your partner may unconsciously want you to regulate their behaviour patterns. Constant regulation can sour relations and cause instability.
  • The inability to curtail restlessness and anxieties leads to stress. This may also lead to a sudden outburst like wailing and screaming.
  • As there is a constant need to be cared for by others, you may neglect to look after yourself. An absence of self-love doesn’t allow you to enjoy little moments like chatting with friends, getting a manicure or a pedicure done, etc.
  • Students may find it difficult to concentrate on their studies, whereas working professionals may find it too hard to perform at work.
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The capability of handing one’s emotions is essential for the overall development of an individual. It will help if you don’t allow a single emotion to overpower you. Professional help can be useful in accepting the issues and working towards a resolution.

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Online counselling provides comfort and makes you better equipped to take self-charge. You can avail of counselling online through an email, chat, audio, or video call for ease and convenience.

Multiple ways through which counselling can help are:


A counsellor takes you to the path of self-awareness. By speaking your heart out, you get to know yourself better—therapy aids in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths makes you feel confident. It gives you the courage to accept the weak points and deal with them tactfully. Being aware is the key to self-improvement and growth.


A counsellor guides you to be self-reliant. Seeking feedback is good until it doesn’t make you entirely dependent. Deciding on trivial things should be independently done. Your confidence increases with every decision made.

A decision is based on judgment, and hence may or may not be correct. Every decision may not be right, and you will get better with experience. Therefore, instead of being disheartened over a decision gone wrong, you must strive towards doing better in the future.

Moving Ahead 

Many times our attitude is influenced by the events that occurred in the past. Former events leave a mark on our belief system. Setting the past free makes it easier to look forward. A counsellor can guide to make peace with unpleasant memories. You feel more joyful about the present and hopeful for the future.

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Overcoming Dominance 

A counselling session can give you tips to overcome emotional influence. It teaches techniques to stop emotions from adversely impacting you. It frees the mind from unnecessary thoughts to make space for positive beliefs and motivates them to take charge and be more responsible.

A Check on the Triggers 

During a therapy session, the patients get clarity on external factors triggering emotional dependence. A small blunder or miss may hamper your confidence.

Unable to make more connections or friends can cause a feeling of not being right. Such external factors should be dealt with more maturely. You can handle a situation better by being aware of the factors that trigger emotional dependency.

Balancing the Bond

It is fun to speak with friends and family. Sharing a strong bond strengthens a relationship. But having a balance is essential. Overdependence on any relation hampers personal growth. The counsellor advises on ways of striking the balance right.

Learning Helpful Tips  

You can learn many useful tips in a counselling session. It equips you with different techniques like keeping a diary, the art of meditation, me-time, etc. This helps in having better control over one’s actions and doesn’t let you feel helpless over a particular emotion.

Online counselling facilitates a healthy living while overcoming emotional dependency.

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